Anyone can design a remarkable career and retirement. Including you.

William Ingogly, BCC

Who am I? An experienced Board Certified Coach and retired clinical counselor, helping clients design their retirements and careers.

I created Your Remarkable Life for career changers, retirees, and those on the way to retirement to pass on what I’ve learned to others so they can create their own unique Remarkable Life Blueprints and design the great careers and retirements they deserve.

I’ve provided hundreds of hours of assistance to my clients over the years. Will you be next?

Make Your Journey Remarkable!

Retirement Blueprints

Are you retired and wondering why you’re less than satisfied with the retired life? Or are you thinking of retirement and worried it won’t turn out to be everything you wanted it to be?

With a Remarkable LIfe Blueprint, you’ll get a new perspective on what makes for a successful retirement.

Career Transitions

Looking to start your career or take it to to the next level — or wondering if you should go in a different direction? Not sure where to start or how to identify and assess your options?

Based on your career personality, you’ll create a personalized Career Blueprint that will help you define and reach your goals.

Community Groups

Would you prefer the benefits of working with others on your journey to a successful career and retirement? Then the Community Group may be perfect for you!

Take advantage of the interaction and cost benefits of a Community Group to create your career and retirement blueprint.

Work With Me!

Getting started on your path to your Remarkable Life is easy! I have monthly packages that can fit most any budget, and the initial consultation is free! Why not get started today?

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